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McGregor Lake & Ross Creek Cedars


DSCF0789My summer is disappearing all too quickly as it does every year.  In the spring, as I anxiously await the last day of school, I think of all the things I want to do before the snow flies again in the fall; hikes I want to go on, new camping spots I want to explore, and places I want to visit.  Sadly, I only ever get to a few of them.   There are just too many fantastic places in Montana…

This week I went camping on the shores of beautiful McGregor Lake, just 32 miles from home.  I love this lake!  It’s so blue.  That is, until you stand out on a dock and look down and realize it’s totally clear!  Below, you can see to the very bottom where old logs lie crisscrossed like sunken pirate ships and crawdads scurry around like miniature lobsters.  McGregor is colder than some of the other area lakes, but it didn’t stop us from jumping in and enjoying the water.  The campground sits right on the shore under the trees, providing a shady place to sit back and gaze at the reflection on the glassy surface of the lake.

After a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage and hashbrowns cooked on the Coleman, we headed off for a drive to Ross Creek Cedars.  You don’t have to go to the California coast to see giant trees.  These 500 year old cedars are unbelievable!  Located between Libby and Troy off highway 56, it’s off the beaten path, but worth the drive.  We walked the well worn mile long trail through this protected old growth forest, climbing inside hollowed out trees and up enormous trunks.  Ross Creek runs through this idyllic forest in a quiet, lazy path, leaving a trail of moss and ferns the likes of which I’m sure are home to fairies and elves.  It truly looks magical!   And great inspiration for writers!  I wonder if Tolkein ever visited…?





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