Stephanie Wells Mason

Romance Author

Kalispell, How I Love thee, Let Me Count the Ways…


I absolutely love my town!  I love that it’s June and my heater comes on every morning because it’s still cold at night and by afternoon I can be swimming in a glacier fed lake.  I love that on a Saturday afternoon I can walk eight blocks with my son along tree lined streets with uneven sidewalks where the roots are finding their way to the surface to the local ice cream shop and buy a huckleberry ice cream cone for just $2.  I love that we have huckleberry ice cream, and honey, and licorice, and  all things huckleberry because they grow in our incredible mountains.  I love the ginormous maple trees in my front yard that are constantly dropping sticks, blossoms and seed pods all over my lawn so that I have to rake it half of the year.  I love that when I look around my neighborhood I see beautiful flowers in every color, tenderly nourished by their owners, because I know they won’t last long, yet for the few short months we call summer, they bring a smile to my face.   I love that there are yard sales around every corner where someone’s garbage can become my next DIY treasure.  I love that I can’t go to the store without seeing someone I know and that the kids I work with at school call out, “Hello, Mrs. Mason.”  I love that rush hour lasts for ten minutes and then the streets are empty and I can ride my bike down the middle.  I love that deer feel comfortable eating my garden like they were invited guests, and that I have to stop my car for wild turkeys crossing the road.  I love that I can see mountains in every direction, smell lilacs in bloom, hear birds singing, and feel totally and completely alive and satisfied.


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