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Fiction as real Life


I really do hate the newspaper, just like the character in my book.  But with nothing else to do on my lunch break at work, I often find myself perusing the pages of our local paper.  One of the reasons I dislike it so much is that it is always sad and depressing, not very uplifting.  Once in a while I might find a funny comic strip, but they are rare gems.  The one thing that I do find extremely funny, however, is the police roundup.  I don’t know if all papers do this, I never read it enough in my other locations to know, but our local papers always have a section where they print excerpts from the 911 emergency line and/or police responses.  Some of the calls are absolutely hilarious.  It is unbelievable what people will call the police about and is usually worth a good laugh.  Yesterday while reading  I found this little gem:

“A thoughtful paperboy flagged down a deputy to get help for a man on College Avenue who had fallen down and was bloody.  The man was given assistance and later transported to the hospital by ambulance.”

If you’ve read my book you’ll see the significance.  Maybe there’s a future inheritance for this boy.  It just goes to show that fiction is is sometimes real life.





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