Stephanie Wells Mason

Romance Author

Between Fire and Flame


ThumbnailFirefighter Brad Stevenson has been jilted by love and disillusioned by religion, yet thanks to his good friend London Moffat, he can’t seem to escape either one.  So when the opportunity arises, he accepts a potentially dangerous assignment fighting a wild fire in the remote Bob Marshall Wilderness of northwest Montana.  He welcomes the chance to lose himself in the exhausting work, that is, until the fire switches directions, turning a precautionary evacuation into a rescue mission.  Brad heads up the mountain to save camp director, Sky Ryder, and her group of five young hikers from the coming flames.   As the fire continues to burn out of control they are forced to flee further into the wilderness.  Lost in the mountains with a beautiful woman, five teenage girls, and running for his life, Brad is caught between fire and flame.

It’s finally here:  Brad’s story.  I know I left many readers hanging at the end of my first novel, wondering what happens to Brad.  After all, he wasn’t a bad guy or anything.  He deserves something good too, right?  It was never my intention to leave people wondering.  When I fist conceived the plot for On the Way Home, there was no Brad, but somehow, he worked his way into the story and I just couldn’t let him leave.  That’s when I started thinking about the next book and making it more his story than just a continuation of London’s.

I’ve been waiting two years now to share his story with my readers and I apologize for the delay.  I submitted this book to Eagle Gate publishing, but due to budget constraints, they declined the opportunity to publish it.  I then tried another publisher, but they were not interested.  Discouraged, I felt like I owed it to those readers who had responded so enthusiastically to On the Way Home to share this spin off.  That’s when I decided to self publish.

Self Publishing is a journey I never really wanted to take.  It sounded scary.  It sounded like I needed to know a lot more than I actually do.  There is more than enough information out there about the do’s and don’t’s of self publishing to scare the pants off of even the most seasoned writer, let alone a novice like myself.  But I have given it my best effort.  I’m proud of the result and I think you will enjoy it.  Please help me by sharing your review on or  Posting a review is the greatest way to thank an author!

Writing Between Fire and Flame was a new challenge for me.  I love the outdoors; hiking, camping, and backpacking.  But, though I live in the world’s greatest outdoor recreation mecca, I haven’t had time to do a lot of any of them.  I wanted Brad’s story to be authentic to Montana and the beautiful Bob Marshall Wilderness that is practically my backyard, but I honestly don’t know a lot about it.  I really had to do some research and talk with people who know and have experienced it.  Writing about it has made me excited to get out there and explore the beauty it offers.  I hope Between Fire and Flame does the same for you.  Enjoy!